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About Us

Grace’s Goodness Organics is wellness within reach.

Created for a modern life that is full, on-the-move and ever-changing, our convenient, organic, plant-based sipping broths support your personal self-care ritual, wherever you roam.

We believe...

  • Everyone can be well-nourished everywhere. 
  • In the power of plants to not only nourish our bodies but help us thrive. 
  • That wellness doesn’t need to be complicated.

When you choose Grace’s Goodness Organics, you’ll share in our promise of the highest quality plant-based and certified organic products expertly crafted by founder, Grace Ventura. Grace has spent a lifetime of study and practice in the world of nutrition and holistic healing rooted in food. 

“Sometimes adding one good thing at a time can be a catalyst for great change.”

– Grace Ventura, Founder, Grace’s Goodness Organics

Our Team

Grace Ventura, Founder

Grace Ventura was born with a passion for wellness and the desire to help others heal and live healthy lives. With over 35 years of experience as a wellness coach, health professional and mother of 6 grown children, Grace finds fulfillment in empowering others to take control of their health.

Following her heart, Grace was inspired to develop a line of organic vegetable broths with wellness herbs. Her vision, to develop products that nourish you anytime, anywhere, was born with the Grace’s Goodness Organics - a line of broths that are delicious, nutritious, and convenient.

Sarah Bird, CEO

Sarah has an extensive career history firmly rooted in the natural products space. Prior to Grace's Goodness, Sarah was CEO of Bhakti, the #1 selling chai in the natural channel. As CMO at Annie’s, Inc she helped guide the brand from it’s humble beginnings through to the acquisition by General Mills. Sarah also worked as the Chief Sales and Marketing officer at Three Twins Organic Ice Cream and Chief Commercial Officer at Ecologic (a sustainable packaging company). Sarah finds her moment of grace enjoying the outdoors, cooking and losing herself in a great book while savoring a cup of Grace's Goodness.