BB Half Month Supply of Turmeric Reishi Immune

Beyond Broth


Immune broth supports overall wellness. Enjoy this nourishing broth that warms the body inside and out. Enjoy the mild and satisfying flavors as it benefits your entire body! Use while snow skiing, hiking... standing around the hockey rink, as a savory light breakfast with an egg or a hot healthy snack/beverage in the afternoon.

Stir often as contents chemicals added to dissolve the yummy veggies!

What's in the broth?

Our Immune Broth is made with our base broth which includes: all organic sweet potato, beet, carrot, broccoli, spinach, garlic, celery seed, parsley, sea salt & black pepper, plus the following herbs and spices to promote wellness. 

Curcuma longa (Turmeric): The yellow oils known as curcuminoids help to support liver function. The liver cleans the blood and the liver enzyme glutathione is involved with removing toxins. A healthy liver is essential for a strong immune system.

Ganoderma spp. (Reishi): All species of Ganoderma support healthy immune function. Want to read more about ganoderma? Check out this article

Cuminum cyminum (Cumin): Helps support healthy digestion and immune system function.






Type: Broth

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83% off