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Beyond Broth Wellness Package

Beyond Broth

Get your Beyond Broth at $89.95 off the regular price of $239.94 when you order your Wellness Package and use code “ 2021WELLNESS

Your Wellness Package will include six 18 packs of Beyond Broth. On the next page, you will be able to select which flavors you want to add to your package.

Bonus (see details below): When you order your Wellness Package you will also receive free gifts valued at over $1,000 in order to help support you during your wellness journey. 

Wellness Package Free Gift (Valued at $1,000+)

  • 4 Alignments of Self Care Ebook (Written by Grace, founder of Beyond Broth): Your ebook will provide you with tools to help you feel happy and healthy from the inside out. This will give you a wellness foundation to build from. (Tips on handling your stress even with chaotic schedules and life interruptions) pg. 15
  • Healthy Shopping Basics Guide: You can reference this document to start building a grocery list that you can be proud of and your body will thank you for. We cover 21+ categories so you can be sure you’ll have a resource to pick out food that’s best for you and your body. This means you will have the confidence to select what you really need at the store instead of aimlessly walking down aisles (or browsing virtual shelves) until your inner voice screams “Oh that looks good…” — but is it actually good for you?
  • **Extended Edition** Yummy! Cooking with Beyond Broth Digital Cookbook: Ever get bored of “healthy”? Well, with this cookbook you get a healthy variety of crave-worthy options that will have your taste buds singing. Never seen by the public, your extended edition includes over 11 additional recipes from Grace’s secret stash. 
  • 21 Day Cleanse: Ever wanted to start a cleanse or have you started one before, but didn’t really feel prepared? This cleanse will guide you over 3 weeks so you will understand everything you need before and during your cleanse: Recipes, grocery food lists and tips on how to make your cleanse successful are included. We’re starting our next cleanse in our community group soon and would love to have you join us!  
  • Community Group Access: As you go through your wellness journey, we never want you to feel like you’re alone. Upon your purchase, you’ll be invited to our community group page where you’ll get exclusive meditations, recipes, chats with Grace (founder of Beyond Broth), and community with like minded friends. We're here to promote health and wellness in everyday ways. What wellness support or encouragement do you need? Whatever it may be, you now have a place so you never have to face it by yourself again. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you! 



  • What will I receive when I order my Wellness Package? 
    • Six 18 packs of Beyond Broth for $89.95 off. Our largest discount to date! 
    • Bonus wellness free gifts (see details here): When you order your Wellness Package you will also receive free gifts valued at over $1,000 in order to help support you during your wellness journey. 
  • Is this a subscription? 
    • Yes, your Wellness Package will be auto-shipped every 3 months. But don’t worry, after your initial shipment, you will be able to cancel or change your subscription. If you cancel before your next shipment arrives, you will not be charged.
  • What flavor blends of Beyond Broth come with my Wellness Package? 
    • Whatever your heart desires! You will be able to select any flavors you want to add to your package before checkout.
  • How much is the Wellness Package normally? 
    • The Wellness Package is normally $239.94. With your exclusive discount, you save $89.95! So that ends up being $149.99 at checkout. We’ve never offered this steep of a discount before, plus it comes with free gifts to support your wellbeing.
  • How will I receive my free wellness bonus gifts? 
    • Your free gifts will be delivered to your inbox after your initial purchase of the Wellness Package. They will be delivered in a digital format for download and you will have access to all future updates as well.  


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